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  RARA Electronics news for August, 2008.
  RARA   2011-12-20
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RARA Electronics news for August, 2008.

RARA exhibited an Nepcon 2008 in Shenzhe China. This is a picture of the booth. From right to left is: Mr. S.G.Kim, RARA President, Mr.G.B. Ko, administration Manager, Mr. Mark Wingate, Ovferseas Marketing Manager.

One of the more inthersting aspects of this trip was installing motor cotrol
braking resistors on the "Minsk".
This Soviet-era carrier/cruiser was sold to China just recently.
We replaced resistors in the main engines and hoists for the SS-N-12
Sandbox nuclear tipped sruise missiles.
We wore "dose-meters" which monitored any radiation we were exposed to.
Ours turned black after only 12minutes! At that time the Chinese technicians just gave us newones! Hmmmm, I really didn`t like my hair anyway.

This is a meeting we had with our New Chinese distributor, SCE,
or Shenzhen Chunming Electronics Co., Ltd.
They were excellent hosts and we have high hopes for them in the future.
In the front row is, from left to right: Mr. S.G. Kim, RARA President, Mr. S.Y. Li, SCE General Manager, Mr. Mark Wingate, Overseas Marketing Manager.
In the back row: Mr. Li, Ms. Kim, Mr. Huang, Ms. Ray and Ms. Yip.