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  RARA Electronics news for October, 2008.
  RARA   2011-12-20
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RARA Electronics news for October, 2008.

RARA exhibited at Electronic Asia 2008 in Hong Kong this year.
The team went out to dinner with our new Chinagent,
Shenzhen Chunming Electronics Co., Ltd.(SCE)

In this picture, clockwise from bottom left is: Mr. Lee Jin Bao(SalesManager, SCE); Mr. Huh(Sales Manager, RARA); Ms. Maggie Yi(Sales, SCE); Mr. Lee Si Yang(President, SCE); Mr. Kim Sang Gon(President, RARA)

This picture is our booth at the exhibition. From left to right: Mr. S.G.Kim(President, RARA) and Mr. Lee Si Yang(President, SCE)